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Dry Spice Rubs: Service


Making these rubs can take your home cooking to the next level. Theres nothing like eating a curry you've made and someone thinking its from the take away. The fragerances brought together in your very own kitchen are unique to you. You can follow a recipe or add your favourite flavours to build a spice rub exactly the way YOU like it. Here are a few to staples which once made can be kept in a jar for a couple months and really add authenticity and pack a punch to that mid week dinner!

Dry Spice Rubs: About


Sweet, Spicy, Aromatic,

Onion powder 2 Tablespoons

Garlic powder 2 Tbsp

Brown sugar 2 Tbsp

All spice 2 TBSP

Thmye 2 TBSP

Black pepper 2 Tbsp

Cayenne pepper 1 Tbsp
Paprika 1 Tbsp

Parsley 1 Tbsp
Rosemary 1 Tbsp

Salt 1 Tbsp

Oregano 1 Tbsp
Cinneman1/2 Tbsp
Nutmeg 1/2 Tbsp

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