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Learning to prepare these staples will drasticly reduce your food budget. You can start buying in bulk and mix and match depending on the rest of the dish.


  1. Soak rice in water while preparing the rest of the dish

  2. Rinse and re soak

  3. Add to salted  boiling water

  4. Bring to boil, stir once, medium/low heat and cover.

  5. Follow instructions



  1. Large pan of water

  2. Rolling boil

  3. Salty as the sea

  4. Read instruction

  5. Test firmness to your liking

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So Good they named it twice!

  1. Boil kettle

  2. Add stock cube / seasonning to cous cous

  3. Add water and cover with plate

  4. Stir a couple of times

  5. Wait 5 minutes, DONE

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