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Growing in confidence

Cooking For Confidence aims to demonstrate how cooking really can be simple. Learning some of the basics is important, but if you have no confidence in the kitchen, a staight forward recipe becomes long winded and overwhelming. Building your confidence helps you overcome any cooking challenge, recipe or new technique. Learning new ingredients and cooking methods will build confidence and make cooking a please rather then a chore.

What you need is some down to earth advice to help you conquer all types of dishes and cooking. Once you've learnt some simple rules you can make it less stressful, free flowing and creative. Not to mention satisfying. Making your own unique dishes with confidence of taste, originality and saving hard earned cash along the way!

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So many options! Soon you'll be able to tackle any size of meat with confidence.

Depending on how complicated you want to make your dishes there are different ways you can approach this.

1. Marinadaing
2. Pan frying
3. Roasting

4. Basting

5. Slow cooking
6. Sealing then roasting
7. Boiling

Depending on the size of the meat and type of dish you are trying to make you can do some of the above, just make sure it's cooked properly and check instructions. Or log into one of the chat sessions and we'll talk you through it!

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Food Preparation

Step 1.

Get all your ingredienst out infront of you, Turn on the oven on, put the pan on, take what ever measures you can to help the whole process become a little quicker

Step 2.

Prepare whats needed first, if its the onion for a sauce, or the rice that need soaking get started on that first so it can begin its cooking.

Fish Appetizer
Raw Beef Steak

Step 3.

Clean As You Go. Check the link for more detals on this. Basicly put things away as they are used, have a food waste bowl to hand to keep the surface clear at all times. Whipe sides as appropriate.

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