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How to cook to a budget and get maximum results. Learning to cook the simple staples properly and simple will make it so much easier to cut down costs. Things like potatoes, pasta, rice etc. These can all be bought for cheap and learnt to cook in the right way wont be a chore, but a straight forward way to reduce your weekley spend.

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These are guide prices and can probably be found even cheaper if you shop around. It makes you think how much you can spend eating out or takeaway on food just because you cant be arsed!

If you get your head around the task of cooking there is no limit to the amount of money you can save for each meal. The more you cook, the more you enjoy the flavours, the more you'll start to save. Simple.

Pasta (3kg) £2.80 > £0.07p per portion!

Rice (1kg) £1.20 > £0.09 ppp

Cous cous (1kg) £0.70 > £0.09 ppp

Noodles (500g) £1.00 > £0.25

Spaghetti (1kg) £2.28
Sack of potatoes 1KG > £0.69

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