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Until I learn this cooking tip, I was a mere mortal. Dirty pans everywhere, bits of food half chopped.

  • Clean work surface; If this means clearing thing away befoore you start so beit, after a while it'll become second nature and done without thinking

  • Put food items away once used; By doing this you know what youve added and minimise the clean up job at the end.

  • Fill up the sink with hot water and allow used pans to soak. While you are still cooking if you can do some washing up whist the water is coming to boil or something is in the microwave, at the end its one less thing.

  • Clean As You Go; This is the most important thing when working in a kitchen not just for cleanliness but drasticlly helps overall efficeincy.Clear away the seeds from one veg to the next, put food waste away immidiatly.

  • Having clear work surfaces at the start and end; It can help you think straight, think of it like a blank canvas for an artist. ready to create a masterpiece.

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Being efficient will drasticly reduce your cooking time and make the proces flow.
Having to pause two or three times to double check the ingredients or wait for the kettle to boil all adds up. Here are some tips I was taught in my many years working in hospitaliy that you can adopt at home.

  • Pre heat oven and begin to boil the kettle should you need it.

  • Get all ingredients out infront of you and put them away once used

  • Work in one direction, Left to right/right to left. Veg>Chop>waste/pan

  • Think about food for the following day.

  • Make double or tripple portions

  • Always have a waste bowl ready

  • By doing just one of these you'll notice a differencein the processes

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A little bit of prep goes a long way

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1. Peeling

2. Deseading

3. Choppiing

4. Dicing

5. Par boiling

Any of these steps you can do ahead of time when you have a spare 5 or 10 minutes will drasticly make the whole cooking precess less duanting. Trust me. Give it a try, whats the worst that could happen.

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