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Beef Burger


Mushroom Ris

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Jerk Tofu Wraps


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Sheppards Pie

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Pollo é funghi Risotto #mmm #risotto #ch


This northen Italian dish is an absolute classic, having the patience and skill to get this right is a real treat once its ready.   All feedback welcome

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Onion x 1
Garlic cloves x 2
Arborio rice x 300g

Olive Oil x3 tbs

Butter 40g

Chicken or muhroom stock cube
Large galss of white wine

Chestnut mushrooms x 300g (10-12 mushrooms)
Dried porchini mushrooms x 200g
Italian seasonning (Oregano/Basil/Sage)
Seassonning (Salt and Pepper)

Parmesan Cheese 200gs


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A unique spin on

½ a pot of Natural Greek yogurt

1tbsp mint sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

Stir and Done.

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Lemon Cake
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Practice makes perfect.

Give some of these a try, let us know what you think! If you have to change it along the way, be humble that you are making your very own version.


Prepare ahead of time

So many things can be made well in advance. Whether its chopping some onions, soaking rice, or making an entire batch you can tackle the meal in little sections to make it less duanting and more fun!


Pace yourself, speed will come.

Making these types of dishes is a great way to practice some of the cooking tips mentioned in the Kitchen Efficiency. Get the basics right, do them slowly and confidence will grow!

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This ones really healthy and again so simple to prepare. Use beans that are ready to eat and just give them a rinse as you get them out of the tin. You can mix and match any beans you like, just keep it simple and have a go!

1 tin of kidney beans
1 tin of butter beans
1 clove garlic, finely chopped

1 optional chilli

Bunch of Parsley or Corriander
1/2 lemon

Splash of Olive oil

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Lemon Cake
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Committed to Education

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn something new? Welcome to Cooking For Confidence, one of the leading schools of its kind. Our goal is to give our students the skills, experience and confidence they need in order to become successful professionals. Our program is flexible and our teachers are the best in their field. Contact us to learn more!

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As mentioned at the top, if you simply get used to turning the oven on immidiatly, or geting the pan of water on first it really will speed up the process. Any other random jobs you find time to do will make your time in the kitchen quicker and more enjoyable overall. Such as; filling the sink with warm water, water and washing things as you go (Clean As You Go), preparing double,

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