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Lemon Cake


Serves 6. Delicious, warming, filling, what more could you want?

The Bulk

Onion x 2
Carrots x 6
Mince 500g
Stock Cube x 1
500ml hot water
Worcester Sauce 10 + splashes
Tomato Puree x 2 tbs

Optional gravy granuals
Mixed herbs 1tsp
Season well!

The Mash
Peeled potatoes x 5
Knob of butter
Glug of milk


1. Peel potatoes and place in a large pan of water on a high heat (Lid on)

2. Dice onions & carrots then begin to gently fry in a little oil.

3. Combine stock cube and water
4. Add mince to onions and carrots and fry until the meat has browned

5. Add worcester suace, mixed herbs, water and gentle simmer 20-25 mins

6. Once potatoes are cooked; drain, ad butter, milk and mustard then mash together.

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