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Potato Rosti

2 Potatoes washed & grated

1 egg

3 tablespoons flour

2 Tsp Paprika / Chicken seasoning

1 Tsp Oregano 1 Tbsp Oil & small knob of butter to fry (Naughty)

1. Grate potatoes and rinse in water to get the starch off. Idealy with a muslin cloth you can squeeze out all the ecess juice. I just used my hands and a big bowl to rinse and squeeze :) 2. Add seasonning and spices, egg and flour then mix it all together

3. Heat up frying pan with butter and oil until they are melted, swirlng them around the pan to ensure its all covered.

4. Carefully add potato mixture to hot pan and spread out to be all the same thickness!

5. Gently fry for around 3 mins or until golen and crispy. Carefully flip and fry other side.

6. Serve with a green salad and a poached egg if your feeling fancy!

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